• Enter a life better than you dreamed.

    Jesus promised his followers a “better life than they ever dreamed of” (John 10:10 MSG). Yet, presently, many believers are dissatisfied, discontent and disappointed with their life. In fact,

    54% of practicing Christians say they have at least one emotional or mental health issue.

    Let that sink in. That means over half of your faith community, friends and family are likely combatting an internal issue right now. (And, statistically, there’s a good chance you may be as well.) 

    The Wholehearted Journey meets this urgent need—by revealing 7 skills that lead believers beyond their disheartenment—and into the “better life” Jesus promised. Joel shows how Jesus used these 7 skills to develop a wholehearted life in a heartbreaking world and, by His example, how you can do the same. 

    Learn how to:

    • Enter the rich and satisfying life Jesus promised his followers
    • Break free from feeling stuck
    • Venture into your future – enthusiastic, confident, and unafraid
    • Reclaim wholeness of heart by
      • Self-identifying as a beloved child of God
      • Shattering negative inner-agreements
      • Breaking betrayal’s embittering bonds (and)
      • Reuniting the heart’s wounded younger regions with your present maturer self.
    • Retain wholeness of heart by
      • Safeguarding your soul
      • Shedding false-selves
      • Skillfully navigating human antagonists and the spiritual enemies often influencing them

    Each of these 7 skills begins with a vulnerable story from Joel’s journey, giving you greater clarity, context and a real-life case study to learn from. (You won’t want to put this book down!) In addition, this work includes a robust appendix with scriptures and prayers to help you (or a loved one) enter the life Jesus promised was better than you dreamed. 

  • Let’s face it. Trying to find true love can be a precarious endeavor nowadays. If you’re single, you live in dangerous dating country. Often hiding behind a stallion, stud or fox exterior, lurks a cougar, wolf or man-eater. (Watch out. They’ll chew you up.) Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone, versed in the ways of love, helping you avoid Mr. or Miss Wrong so you could find your Mr. or Miss Right? Someone who could coach you in the ways of love and guide you to your ideal match?

    God is the ultimate matchmaker! His expertise is grossly under acknowledged today, but is clearly seen throughout Scripture. Those who allow God to divinely orchestrate their love story never regret it. In this book, Joel and Casey not only share practical relationship principles from the Bible, but also share their intimate experience working alongside the Divine Matchmaker. Their explosively romantic—yet, exceptionally pure—love story will make you laugh, cry and reveal just how much God desires to lead you into a match that’s made in heaven!

  • This survival guide will help you detect, fight against, and find freedom from the traps of the Enemy. It will also guide you through seven practical steps to breaking the power of addiction. Joel specifically teaches readers how to break free from the cages of pornography, sexual promiscuity and lust.

    Most importantly, these pages will draw you close to our Heavenly Father. This is essential, because without God—willpower is futile. Only God can fully liberate a soul from addiction, breaking them free from “living-dead.”


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