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Online Apprenticeship

Joel's ONLINE Ministry Apprenticeship

Launch the APPLICATION FORM at the bottom of this page or [click here] to access it.

The ONLINE Apprenticeship allows you the opportunity to learn

and interact with Joel in real-time from anywhere in the world via

interactive video classroom.


Equipping men and women in the cause of captivatingly communicating God's love — to empower, educate and emancipate others everywhere.


At the conclusion of the 1 year ONLINE Apprenticeship, a person will be equipped to effectively communicate to any audience — anywhere — at anytime (whether one is ministering in or outside of a faith-settings (e.g. church, etc.)!

Communication equipping includes:

  • Greater spiritual & emotional wholeness
  • Leadership development
  • Greater confience in all arenas of life
  • Communication training (and)
  • Greater clarity concerning one's God-given purpose
  • Inspiration:

    In my early 20’s, I (Joel) received a simple, yet powerful revelation during a time of prayer and fasting. It’s been a guiding compass ever since. Here’s the gist of what I experienced:

    In my mind, I saw a sports car racing up a freshly paved mountain road. The car quickly

    ascended the twisting highway with implausible ease. This went on for some time—the

    car always continuing to accelerate—until around one mountain curve the asphalt

    abruptly ended. The car was hurled into a gauntlet of jagged rocks and towering trees. The

    car was destroyed and engulfed in flame.

    As I thought and prayed about what this mental picture meant, it became clear. It was an illustration. The car symbolized my capabilities (gifts and talents). The road represented my character; and both needed to be developed if I was going to successfully journey into the destiny God had purposed for me.

    As the illustration vividly portrays, if your capability exceeds your character, you’re likely to “crash and burn.” Taking the time to build broad roads of character is essential if you are going to complete your God-given purpose. This lesson alone would have been good enough, yet I felt the illustration was stressing another lesson equally important. To reach your God-given potential you must also develop your capabilities.

    Proverbs says, “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings…”

    Getting “skilled” in your gifting is highly important. It will take you places—even “before kings.” If you never develop your capabilities—though you’ve built a whole interstate of character—you're not likely to travel far.

    It takes developing both your character and capabilities to successfully travel down the road of your God-given purpose.

    The practical implementation of this lesson—character & capability—has propelled me down my road of purpose and I am looking forward to teaching others what I've learned thus far!


    One of the goals of the apprenticeship is to help further guide every participant into his or her God-given purpose—by developing both broad roads of character and powerful ministry capabilities. Accordingly, the apprenticeship curriculum will focus on these two components:

    Character Classes [Track 1]:

    The Audacity of Authenticity

    God's Love

    Living Out Love

    Releasing the Past

    The Power of “Present”

    Co-creating your Future (with God)

    Wholeness & Holiness

    Spiritual Leadership

    Marriage & Ministry

    Capability Classes [Track 2]:

    Discovering your Strengths

    Developing your Strengths

    Communication 101

    Fearless Public Speaking

    The SHARPE Method: How to Carft a Speech that Moves Audiences to Action...Every Time! (Learn it exclusively in Joel's class!)

    The Art of the Sermon

    Knowing What to Say and Saying What you Know

    Sermon Illustrations (free videos, object lessons, illustrations included in tuition)

    Speaking for Change

    Leadership Development

    See the SYLLABI:

    Capabilities Syllabus (Fearless Public Speaking) [click here]

    Character Syllabus [click here]

    Interactive Video Classes: Weekly classes give participants live, face-to-face interaction with other participants and Joel (as well as other subject experts that may be teaching) via video.

    Why visual learning is so important:

  • 93% of all human communication is visual.
  • Difficult concepts become easy when they are seen.
  • Video has a 400% higher engagement rate than static content.
  • All of us get distracted, but with video interaction you’re likely to learn and retain more!
  • Choose Day or Night Classes:

    Interactive Video Classes are held on:

  • Capability Class Day: Tuesday 12pm - 12:45pm (Fall)
  • Character Class Day: Tuesday 12;45pm - 1:30pm (Fall)
  • Character Class Night: Tuesday 6pm - 6:45pm (Fall)
  • Capability Class Night Tuesday 6:45pm - 7:30pm (Fall)
  • Character Class Night: Tuesday 7:30pm - 8:15pm (Spring)
  • Capability Class Night Tuesday 8:15pm - 9pm (Spring)
  • Term:

    Spring Class: (Currently in Session)

    Start date: January 7, 2014

    Ends: December 15 , 2014

    Fall Class:

    Start date: September 2, 2014

    Ends: August 22, 2015


    Only a limited amount of applicants will be chosen for the ONLINE apprenticeship (approximately 30 total). With that being said, we would like to caution you from concluding that this is only for an "elite group' or that you might not be accepted. Acceptance is not based on the size of your church, ministry gifting or experience, but, rather, the size of your heart and desire to grow! The apprenticeship is open to individuals who are single or married and also welcomes the participation of married couples.


    Joel Johnson is the Co-founder and President of Joel Johnson Ministries (JJM). Beyond the Board of Directors for JJM, Joel has also secured another layer of accountability for the apprenticeship and for himself, personally. Joel meets weekly with the pastoral leadership team of Gateway Church (TN). Beyond another layer of accountability for JJM and the apprenticeship, they also provide spiritual covering (advice, wisdom and prayer). Joel describes his relationship with the pastoral staff at Gateway like this, "In a thousand ways, they are my community, my friends and my family. Simply, I love 'doing-life' with them!"

  • To learn more about Joel [click here]
  • To experience Joel ministering [click here]
  • To learn more about Gateway Church, TN [click here]
  • Discover what current students are saying about the Apprenticeship!
  • *Austin: [click here]

    *Jerry: Learn more about SHARPE from Jerry! [click here]


    You'll need a computer, access to high speed internet, a web-cam and a peaceful place to participate during class.

    (More specifics TBA)


    $49 Application Fee (non-refundable):


    I class: $99/mo. for 1 year

    2 classes: $149/mo. for 1 year

  • Receive a $100 credit when you pay the full year's tuition upfront.
  • The ONLINE Apprenticeship also includes:

  • Mentoring and Coaching by Joel Johnson via his Personal Email:
  • To make the journey more valuable, Joel makes himself available to participants via “personal email

    coaching” at a private apprenticeship email address. You will also participate via email on a “peer

    coaching team” of pastors, youth pastors and leaders with similar positions and congregation


  • Free Attendance for Spouse:
  • Spouse's of ONLINE apprentices are welcomed to "sit-in" and attend classes alongside their spouse

    for no additional charge!

  • Sermon Outlines:
  • Over the course of the year, participants will receive weeks worth of messages, complete with

    illustrations and video content!

    Note from Joel:

    Please don't allow the Enemy (or yourself) to discourage or distract you from applying to the apprenticeship. It is my desire that through this, I will have a deep and personal impact on a handful of men and women that will last for eternity. I know that you will be so blessed, equipped and transformed after this year. Prayfully consider investing in yourself and your ministry by joining us!

    If you are feeling unsure about how you will pay your tuition, please be assured that if God desires for you to participate in this ONLINE apprenticeship, He will financially provide for you. Also, you might just be amazed about how many people will be excited to supporting you!

    So share with friends, neighbors and organizations what you would like to do (grow in your ministry capabilities and character for 1 year) and ask them if they would like to help support you by 1) praying for you and 2) by considering to financially support you as well. (If 6 people will sponsor you $25/mo. for the year, your tuition will be covered!)

    May I encourage you with one my favorite passages from Proverbs, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." (Proverbs 3:5)

    Please take some time to pray about being a part of the apprenticeship and, when you pray, don't lean exclusively on your own understanding. Meaning, don't get bogged-down by solely focusing on the "hows" (e.g. how you will raise the money, how you will work out all the details, etc.), rather, focus on what God would desire for you to do. As you pray, trust in the Lord that He will work out all the details.

    Then after praying, if you feel like the Lord could be directing your path to participate, then I would encourage you to take a few minutes and fill out the application form below.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better this year!

    After submitting the Application Form (below), please pay the $49 application fee here. PAY APPLICATION FEE [click here]

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